Part-scholarships at Codetrain are given for three reasons.

  • To promote diversity and inclusion

    By giving part-scholarships to underrepresented groups in tech, we get to include people who would have otherwise been excluded by no fault of theirs. We get to rope in more women, disabled people,low-income earners, refugees, and rural dwellers.

  • To encourage innovation and brilliance

    If you have an extraordinary achievement or have proven yourself to be very good at something, we’re looking for you. Any kind of achievement took you a lot of grit and boldness. And we’d be happy to support your Codetrain journey.

  • To promote social impact

    At Codetrain, we believe in making other people’s lives better. If you have done significant work in your community through service or leadership, you have a high chance of securing a part-scholarship.

    If you fit the bill for one or more of these categories, you’re likely to receive a part-scholarship.