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As the demand for software developers begins to outgrow supply, our mission is to empower africans to take up space on the global tech scene.


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Our Courses

Software Engineering

This is a 2 year program. By the end, you will go from novice to a mid-level software developer. The first year has a focus on training in software development. While the second year narrows down on career services that are aimed at help- ing you launch your career in the best way. It consists of interview prep, technical interview workshops, an innovation challenge, and internships.

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UX/UI Design

This is a 1 year program. By the end, you will be transformed into a a professional capable of evaluating product requirements, illustrate design ideas, and and then use your newly acquired skills to bring it to life in the form of websites and mobile apps. The course includes collaboration with software teams and internship opportunities

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Earn back your tuition

The high demand for professionals in technology makes it one of the best-paying industries globally.

After just 5 years as a fellow at codetrain, Awal transitioned into working remotely for a Canadian gaming company. Less than 1 year after he joined Big Viking games, Awal is now a senior developer. He works right here from his home in Ghana or anywhere else he finds himself.

The Codetrain education to employment program

Our two-year program will take you from novice to mid-level software developer. By the end of your training, you will be familiar with all the technologies and concepts that the world’s best software engineers use in their work. You will also get the opportunity to be connected to recruiters from local and international companies.

Success stories

The Codetrain training experience gave me the essential soft skills required to be successful in international work environments. I now work for a company based in Berlin as a Front-end Engineer.

Zak -Web Developer, Infinitas Learning

I joined Codetrain after High School. After completing the one year training program, I got a job as a mobile developer.

Doreen - Mobile Developer, Amatsii Ltd

I excelled quickly at Codetrain to become one of the best Frontend Developers. I built several projects including an app for Nanny agencies.

Hannah -Frontend Developer, BlueSPACE Africa

I got fully employed as a web developer after completing Codetrain's practical training program in coding.

Abdul-Razak -Web Developer, AgroCenta

From the ground up

No prior experience in tech is required. If you're willing to learn, We're happy to teach you.

Robert, Confidence and some other alumni share about their Codetrain experience in this video.

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Our fees

Software Engineering

Our two year education to employment package costs GH₵38,500 for Africans living in Africa and $3000 for other applicants.

We are able to offer flexible payment options and part scholarships for diversity and inclusion.

UX/UI Design

Our one year education to employment package costs GH₵19,000 for Africans living in Africa and $1900 for other applicants.

We are able to offer flexible payment options and part scholarships to promote diversity and inclusion.

Codetrain Africa study now pay later program

Codetrain is excited to announce its partnership with Chancen International, introducing an innovative financial model for students. This model empowers individuals without immediate financial resources to pursue their studies now and pay later. The initiative kicks off with a pilot program, initially supporting 20 students on their educational journey.

  • About Chancen International

    CHANCEN International is a not-for-profit organization that provides an ethical, fair, and responsible financing model for young people in Ghana and in Africa to access quality tertiary education. This model of financing is called an Income Share Agreement (ISA).

  • What is Income Share Agreement?

    An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a fair and ethical way for you to finance your education without creating any burdensome debt. You get the freedom to focus on your studies without any pressure and enter the world of work focusing things that really matter.

  • Benefits of Income share Agreement (ISA)
    • You study now and pay later.
    • You start paying when you start making an income.
    • You only pay a certain percentage of your net income during repayment.
    • Your repayment is capped so that you are not saddled with debt.
    • Your repayments go towards the fund for the next generation.

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Frequently asked questions (Software engineering)

  • What is the duration of the course?

    The duration of the course is 24 months

    The first year is when most of the training happens. Candidates learn how to code from scratch and begin to build their portfolios right from month one.

    The second year focuses on career services. Trainees have internships, mock interviews, and a mega Demo Day to prepare them to officially graduate and land their first full-time roles.

  • What is the schedule for the class?

    You get access to course content and are expected to study it. You will receive instructions on what exercises to do. Once every week, there is a live class to go over the course content that was made available. You get to choose when your live class happens. Here are the options:

    • Weekday live class
    • Weekend live class
    • Virtual live class

  • How many hours do I need to study per week?

    You should be able to commit about 24 hours a week. (about a full day).

  • Does Codetrain provide laptops?

    No, we currently don’t provide laptops.

  • What are the requirements to begin the course?

    What you don't need

    • Computer science degree
    • Experience in tech
    • A degree

    But you do need to:

    • Be computer literate
    • Be teachable
    • Be willing to put in the work
    • Pass our intake assessment

  • Do you offer any scholarships?

    Yes, we offer part scholarships to candidates who need them and apply for them.

  • Do you require an IT or computer science background for Codetrain?

    No, people from diverse backgrounds of study can enroll and be successful.

  • When do classes start?

    January, May, and October.

  • What certificate do I get after completing the program?

    You get a coding bootcamp certificate as well as a portfolio full of projects you could use to apply for jobs.

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We offer in-person training at our East Legon campus and also provide options for virtual training to students wherever they are.
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Codetrain hosts The AHK Innovation Challenge
Codetrain hosts The AHK Innovation Challenge

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