Flexible Payment Plans

In making our program more accessible and inclusive, we offer payment plans to accepted applicants who are not able to cover their tuition in one payment. With each plan, tuitions is paid in full before the end of the first year of the program. Accepted students get to start the program after they have paid 1/3 of their total fees. After this initial payment, you can subscribe to one of 3 payment plans.

Annual plan

If you choose the annual plan, this is how your tuition will be broken up. You will make your initial deposit and then make one more payment to cover the rest of your tuition fee. The amount you pay is dependent on whether or not you have been awarded a scholarship.

Biannual plan

Your tuition fee will be broken up into 3 payments. After you pay your initial deposit, you will make two additional payments to cover the rest of your tuition.

Quarterly plan

You first make your initial deposit. After that, you make one payment each quarter. This payment is spread over the next 3 months. You are only required to make another payment when the next quarter is starting.

Monthly plan

This plan is the most flexible. After you make your initial deposit, you do not need to struggle to raise a lump sum. You simply make a payment each month to cover your tuition for the month. Again, the amount you pay per month depends on whether or not you have received scholarship.